gutehande (gutehande) wrote,

coolest job ever

I was always so jealous of my friends who have jobs they love (steve, carolyn, i'm looking at you).  But now I have one!
Today I got paid to bask in the warm sun outside right next to the river while putting together three 4ft tall 3-D dinosaur puzzles.  And to play with liquid nitrogen (we froze and broke flowers and a raquet ball, then poured sprite in it and ate the frozen foamy sprite snocone).  and to drive to some bizzare military missle manufacturing plant to get more liquid nitrogen.  Yesterday I got paid to bathe bearded dragons, feed a snake, and let kids play with catapults.  Tomorrow i'll get paid for 3hrs of sitting in a van, and then 4 hours of watching other people do science classes. 
Basically, it's the coolest job ever. 
I can't wait till this summer when i'll get paid to ride bikes with kids around the city, go hang gliding, learn to wind surf, and take trips to the ocean to look at tide pools. 
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