gutehande (gutehande) wrote,

It's official

I leave for Hawaii next Friday, the 22nd.

You can send me a post card at:

Pride of America
Amanda Fisher- Seasonal Youth Counselor
700 Bishop St. #900
Honolulu, HI 96813.

I was originally told we spend 3 nights a week in port, but according to the schedule I found online, it's only 2. Since i'll probably be working with kids during the day every day, looks like Monday and Thursday nights will be the only chance i ever get to get off the ship. If you want to know where I am at all hours of the day, every day, here you go!

Day               Port            Arrive           Depart

Sat           Honolulu        7:00 AM       8:00 PM
Sun               Hilo            8:00 AM       6:00 PM
Mon    Maui (Kahului)    8:00 AM      Overnight
Tue                                      -              6:00 PM
Wed             Kona            7:00 AM      6:00 PM
Thu              Kauai           8:00 AM      Overnight
Fri                                       -               2:00 PM

See you at Christmas,

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