gutehande (gutehande) wrote,

happy xmas eve

it's christmas eve and i'm not home.
i'll be on my way in 3.5hrs, after staying up all night to pack and do things i don't need to do. like update my lj.

teaching is hard work. these kids- they start out so cute and sweet, but then you see their real self. and it's not pretty. so much attitude in these city kids. i keep trying to remember if anyone ever treated teachers at my school like that. but i think you have a different veiwpoint when you're on the other side.
the ELA test is right after we come back from the break. My kids aren't ready for it all and i don't think i've helped them at all. I pretty much am crossing my fingers and hoping they're smart enough to pass on their own. I mean, i tried teaching them, of course. but on top of not knowing what to teach, i have no clue how to teach it. The only thing i feel at all confident about teaching them is figurative language. i had a great lesson on onomatopoeia with the fishboy song of the same name, comic books, and a batman clip. it would have been a lot more impressive if more than 11 kids had shown up that day.

i'm real excited about going to TX. I can't wait to drive and have a 70 degree xmas. i will miss my brother pablo honey dearly. he's always the life of the party. without him, it's just mindy and wes making fun of me. but he's all married and shit and i guess that means that in addition to living on the other side of the country from him, i only get to see him every other xmas. that will have to change once he starts having babies.

i should really pack and take a nap.

please have a wonderful christmas.

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