gutehande (gutehande) wrote,

I have internet again

after months of living in the 20th century, i've returned to the internet-era. amazing how it only took 3 months to get internet at our new apt.
I don't know if you know this, but i hate english. as in spelling, grammer, similies, punctuation. as in analyzing books for symbolism and deeper meaning and all that BS. as in writing creative personal naratives that engage your reader. yet i have to teach how to do all of that without even knowing how to do it myself. and I have to assign grades based on how they do these things that i myself don't know how to do and don't really care about either.
and i have to do it on crutches.
math, however, isn't so bad. I've always liked math. I just think I could do a much better job teaching it if I didn't have to use all lesson planning time trying to figure out what the F i'm going to "teach" in english.
i think i'm going to be a flight attendent after my 2yrs of teaching is up.
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