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It's down to the hours.  As in right at 15 of them before i'm boarding my plane and saying goodbye to the Lone Star.  Do you think there will be pilgrims and indians waiting at the airport to welcome me home in NYC?

The party was sooo fun even if i don't clearly remember all of it.  I got some great mix cds too.  Now i just have to find time to listen to them all a couple times and pick out my faves and make a mix of all mixes and send it to everyone that gave me one.  I do have an entire day of flying to listen. 
I have tons of hilarious pictures of the party and some of saying goodbye to my two remaining turtles Moroni and BT, but they'll have to wait. 
I hear my new apt is huge and awesome.  I can't wait to live with brian harkin.  Partly so that he can document me and KT's first summer in NYC with a plethora of amazing pictures. 
This is really starting to get kind of exciting. 

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