gutehande (gutehande) wrote,

What a day!

The apt is finally official.  Three bedrooms, $1200, in kensington.  Disregard the last apt picture.  This is what i will be coming home to everyday this summer:

Ours will be the bottom floor of the one on the left.  Cute, isn't it??
It's temporary which kind of makes me forget that this move is in fact permanent.  woah.

Good Things:
I finished 1 paper, 1 quiz, 1 test, and 2 presentations for a total of 2 classes completely finished
(left is 1 test, 1 and 1/3 books, and 2 papers for my last 3 classes)

I moved my history final and my flight so i could go to NY earlier and sign up for an interview with the new immigrant school where i really want to work.  I will get this job.

Carolyn.  In general. 
and kirby:

Nick. I went to the mail box tonight and got the first of my mix cds i requested.'s the second one but the first one since i requested them.  I'm only about half way through but i already like what i hear.  I especially like the comments.
All you slackers need to get on this.  only 24 days left.  GO!

A package at the post office???  Apparently it was too big to fit in the box so i have to pick it up.  I typically know when i'm expecting something but i have no clue on this one.  I'm going to have to get up early so i can get it before school.

Arash.  for letting me make fun of him.  talkity talk talk talk.  OMG could you just let things be for once??

Cinco de Mayo.  I will need a break.  a large large break.  unfortunately i can't get too drunk because i have to teach afterwards and then write two papers.  But fun will still be had.

Work friends.  and getting hit on by creeps like this:

oh poodle dog.
I will stab you.


ps my life as mandii will soon come to an end.  slightly frightening. Let me practice:

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