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Carolyn brought me a Twix and helped me procrastinate. I loved it.
Also, i love the ipod shuffle. It's tiny and adorable and so light i forget its in my pocket. now I just need to figure out that whole volume thing....
I miss drumline and percussion ensembles. My favorites were stinkin' garbage and the one i did with Greta in 7th grade where we snapped and stomped and whistled and shit.
I secretly hope the school i work at needs a drumline instructor so bad that they let me do it. Or maybe they'll have an instructor but he'll have no clue how to play bass drum so i'll have to be the bass tech.
yeah right.
The weather was so lovely today that i decided to study outside by the pool. There was a big sign on the pool gate that said "POOL CLOSED until further notice by the City of Austin Department of Health". Hmmmm....
Let's hope they fix that soon. I think it might take away a bit from the beautiful atmosphere of the pool area when we try and sell the condo.
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