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Brian's mom

This one time, at band camp, i got a giant box. no really. it was GIANT. I have pictures of Kristy Bo inside it. They brought it out and the RA covered the name so we couldn't see whose it was and we had to sit through the whole meeting until Finally she passed out the mail and then she waited till the end to tell use who the giant box went to and then it was ME and i saw it was from Brian and i knew it would be empty and it was but it was still AMAZING and it had a letter from brian and sethory in it. I remember Seth's letter was many pages long with a sentence or two on each page. the second to last one said "this box will self-destruct in 30seconds". The last page was torn in half and said "BOOM!". ha.
I later heard the story of how Brian's G-ma took him to the post office and paid for the surely pricey delivery. Then his mom heard about it and made him pay his grandma back. Then later when his mom wasn't looking, she slipped the money back to him. ha.
Then there was the time in HS when my parents were in NB and brian spent the night. The next day his mom told him that the night before she was worried about him but didn't want to call and wake anybody up, so she drove all the way to my house, saw his car, and went back home. ha.
oh, Brian's mom.

ps you should really go to and
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