gutehande (gutehande) wrote,

fun with stefamafia

Now i've had some bad service at restaurants before, but this one wins by far. It was so bad that it crossed the line into hilarious.
let's recap:
First, she takes our drink orders. and by takes "our" drink orders, i mean stefanie says "I'll have a coffee", and the waitress immediately leaves and brings back two cups of coffee. I go with it and don't say anything.
While drinking my coffee, i get something white and gross in my mouth. twice. after close examination of the mystery substance we figure, maybe it's just bits of paper from the straw wrapper or sugar packet. I brave it out and continue drinking.
She takes our food orders, this time actually waiting for me to order before walking off (I was afraid she might just leave and bring back two chicken-fried steak dinners). I ask for a brownie with no whip cream or nuts.
A while passes, she brings out stef's chicken-fried steak. no dessert. I wait for a while thinking maybe it's on it's way. it's not. so i have a conversation with the waitress that goes something like this:

"is my dessert coming?"
"...did I take your order?"
"did i take the order for that?? (points at chicken-fried steak)"
"I don't remember you two. I remember things from 8 years ago, but i don't remember taking your order.    (points at chicken-fried steak again) What is that?"
 "chicken fried steak."
"oh. well what did you want?"
 "a brownie. no whip cream or nuts."
 "no whip cream or nuts. got it."

At this point, she sets down an ice tea on the table. me and stefanie look at each other confusingly and at the tea and stef says "I hope we don't have to pay for all of this..." 
Out comes the brownie. with whip cream and nuts.
i'm glad i'm not allergic.
to top it all off, we find some weird dough tasting chunk of something or other in the brownie.
then there was the hacker and seth and charts and 5 minutes.

stefers, tele.
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