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20th February 2009

9:45pm: coolest job ever
I was always so jealous of my friends who have jobs they love (steve, carolyn, i'm looking at you).  But now I have one!
Today I got paid to bask in the warm sun outside right next to the river while putting together three 4ft tall 3-D dinosaur puzzles.  And to play with liquid nitrogen (we froze and broke flowers and a raquet ball, then poured sprite in it and ate the frozen foamy sprite snocone).  and to drive to some bizzare military missle manufacturing plant to get more liquid nitrogen.  Yesterday I got paid to bathe bearded dragons, feed a snake, and let kids play with catapults.  Tomorrow i'll get paid for 3hrs of sitting in a van, and then 4 hours of watching other people do science classes. 
Basically, it's the coolest job ever. 
I can't wait till this summer when i'll get paid to ride bikes with kids around the city, go hang gliding, learn to wind surf, and take trips to the ocean to look at tide pools. 

6th September 2008

10:39pm: PDX
I've only been here about a week, but i kind of love it already. My room is huge, my closet is even bigger, I love my roomies, i've found all sorts of cheap cute furniture, and I'm even learning my way around the city pretty well. The weather has been beautiful and sunny but cool every day and there are tons of apples and pears falling off the trees in our yard. Tardy has her own basement floor to terrorize and plenty of playmates. Theres even talk of starting a band with the roomies- the very young small sweet peas. Theres a great backyard with a covered patio for chillin in the rain, and a firepit for making smores. Once I get my new $20 bike fixed up a bit I'll be just a few minutes ride from the train station and a bike ride away from just about everything i could ever need. I have a couple potential jobs lined up and if nothing else, i'm starting at mad science next week.
Who wants to come visit?

15th June 2007

2:52pm: It's official
I leave for Hawaii next Friday, the 22nd.

You can send me a post card at:

Pride of America
Amanda Fisher- Seasonal Youth Counselor
700 Bishop St. #900
Honolulu, HI 96813.

I was originally told we spend 3 nights a week in port, but according to the schedule I found online, it's only 2. Since i'll probably be working with kids during the day every day, looks like Monday and Thursday nights will be the only chance i ever get to get off the ship. If you want to know where I am at all hours of the day, every day, here you go!

Day               Port            Arrive           Depart

Sat           Honolulu        7:00 AM       8:00 PM
Sun               Hilo            8:00 AM       6:00 PM
Mon    Maui (Kahului)    8:00 AM      Overnight
Tue                                      -              6:00 PM
Wed             Kona            7:00 AM      6:00 PM
Thu              Kauai           8:00 AM      Overnight
Fri                                       -               2:00 PM

See you at Christmas,


12th February 2006

1:03pm: SNOW

it's snowing. it's been such a mild winter and now there's a fucking blizzard. and not the dairy queen kind, either. it's beautiful! now if only NY was like TX in that it shuts down at the first sign of snow. I highly doubt school will be affected. except of course, the students will be extra crazy cause they'll want to go outside and play.
me too, but if i tried to play in it, i'd fall over and never be able to get up.
anyone have any suggestions of where i should move? what should i do? i need a job that pays well, has great insurance, and does not require standing. any ideas?

happy birthday sis.

24th December 2005

1:32am: happy xmas eve
it's christmas eve and i'm not home.
i'll be on my way in 3.5hrs, after staying up all night to pack and do things i don't need to do. like update my lj.

teaching is hard work. these kids- they start out so cute and sweet, but then you see their real self. and it's not pretty. so much attitude in these city kids. i keep trying to remember if anyone ever treated teachers at my school like that. but i think you have a different veiwpoint when you're on the other side.
the ELA test is right after we come back from the break. My kids aren't ready for it all and i don't think i've helped them at all. I pretty much am crossing my fingers and hoping they're smart enough to pass on their own. I mean, i tried teaching them, of course. but on top of not knowing what to teach, i have no clue how to teach it. The only thing i feel at all confident about teaching them is figurative language. i had a great lesson on onomatopoeia with the fishboy song of the same name, comic books, and a batman clip. it would have been a lot more impressive if more than 11 kids had shown up that day.

i'm real excited about going to TX. I can't wait to drive and have a 70 degree xmas. i will miss my brother pablo honey dearly. he's always the life of the party. without him, it's just mindy and wes making fun of me. but he's all married and shit and i guess that means that in addition to living on the other side of the country from him, i only get to see him every other xmas. that will have to change once he starts having babies.

i should really pack and take a nap.

please have a wonderful christmas.


29th October 2005

9:34pm: I really really really want to move to Hawaii.

Teacher's salaries are slightly above what they are in NYC and so are apartment prices.  It would be very doable in about 1.5yrs. 

22nd October 2005

11:56am: I have internet again
after months of living in the 20th century, i've returned to the internet-era. amazing how it only took 3 months to get internet at our new apt.
I don't know if you know this, but i hate english. as in spelling, grammer, similies, punctuation. as in analyzing books for symbolism and deeper meaning and all that BS. as in writing creative personal naratives that engage your reader. yet i have to teach how to do all of that without even knowing how to do it myself. and I have to assign grades based on how they do these things that i myself don't know how to do and don't really care about either.
and i have to do it on crutches.
math, however, isn't so bad. I've always liked math. I just think I could do a much better job teaching it if I didn't have to use all lesson planning time trying to figure out what the F i'm going to "teach" in english.
i think i'm going to be a flight attendent after my 2yrs of teaching is up.

12th September 2005

6:27pm: hey guess what
i'm a teacher.

an ENGLISH teacher. and math.

kids listen to me and everything. it's crazy.

also, because kevkev lost his phone last week, i lost mine this week. It's $170 for the cheapest new one. There's my b-day present for next month. and maybe next year, too.
Current Mood: exhausted

29th June 2005

11:16pm: a sad sad day
17 years 9 months ago I received the best birthday present a girl could hope for.  A kitten.  I named him K.C.  It stood for Kitty Cat.  He nibbled on my ear and cuddled with me, i forgot to feed him and hugged him too tightly. 
Now he's in kitten heaven playing with Schroeda, because i think there's some overlap with doggy and kitten heaven.
He had a good 18 years.  If cat years are the same as dog years, he was 126.  He didn't look a day over 70. 
I will miss my Kitten K.C.

30th May 2005

3:19am: I made it.
currently i am sitting in my giant (for ny) living room talking to my bff scuba steve in my giant apt (for most anywhere) in Brooklyn.
i live here.
it hasn't quite hit me, but it will any day now. I hung up my art and pictures and made it all homey. pictures will be posted after i find a place for my 100lbs of clothes in my rather small closet.

My siblings all gathered in austin for the NIN concert and even made an apperance at my party. I like this picture of us:

It's very genuine laughter from all of us.

i can't wait to get a new camera and put awesome pics up all the time.  for now, this one will have to do.

27th May 2005

It's down to the hours.  As in right at 15 of them before i'm boarding my plane and saying goodbye to the Lone Star.  Do you think there will be pilgrims and indians waiting at the airport to welcome me home in NYC?

The party was sooo fun even if i don't clearly remember all of it.  I got some great mix cds too.  Now i just have to find time to listen to them all a couple times and pick out my faves and make a mix of all mixes and send it to everyone that gave me one.  I do have an entire day of flying to listen. 
I have tons of hilarious pictures of the party and some of saying goodbye to my two remaining turtles Moroni and BT, but they'll have to wait. 
I hear my new apt is huge and awesome.  I can't wait to live with brian harkin.  Partly so that he can document me and KT's first summer in NYC with a plethora of amazing pictures. 
This is really starting to get kind of exciting. 

4th May 2005

3:10am: What a day!
The apt is finally official.  Three bedrooms, $1200, in kensington.  Disregard the last apt picture.  This is what i will be coming home to everyday this summer:

Ours will be the bottom floor of the one on the left.  Cute, isn't it??
It's temporary which kind of makes me forget that this move is in fact permanent.  woah.

Good Things:
I finished 1 paper, 1 quiz, 1 test, and 2 presentations for a total of 2 classes completely finished
(left is 1 test, 1 and 1/3 books, and 2 papers for my last 3 classes)

I moved my history final and my flight so i could go to NY earlier and sign up for an interview with the new immigrant school where i really want to work.  I will get this job.

Carolyn.  In general. 
and kirby:

Nick. I went to the mail box tonight and got the first of my mix cds i requested.  Well....it's the second one but the first one since i requested them.  I'm only about half way through but i already like what i hear.  I especially like the comments.
All you slackers need to get on this.  only 24 days left.  GO!

A package at the post office???  Apparently it was too big to fit in the box so i have to pick it up.  I typically know when i'm expecting something but i have no clue on this one.  I'm going to have to get up early so i can get it before school.

Arash.  for letting me make fun of him.  talkity talk talk talk.  OMG could you just let things be for once??

Cinco de Mayo.  I will need a break.  a large large break.  unfortunately i can't get too drunk because i have to teach afterwards and then write two papers.  But fun will still be had.

Work friends.  and getting hit on by creeps like this:

oh poodle dog.
I will stab you.


ps my life as mandii will soon come to an end.  slightly frightening. Let me practice:


1st May 2005

1:10pm: a hilarious end to a hilarious evening
last night was way fun

25th April 2005

9:08pm: Attention
If you are my friend, or think you might be, you owe me a mix CD. Unless, of course, your name is scuba steve, in which case you have set the bar for mix CDs. Everyone else, get on it. you only have 33 days!

send all CD's to:
6910 Hart Ln #508
Austin, TX 78731

14th April 2005

11:43pm: In just 43 days, this will be the view from my apt:

Current Mood: excited

25th March 2005

8:07pm: Scarriest night ever
OMG i just got HAILED on! it was soo loud and scarey and i thought it was going to break the windows and the tree was going to fall on me and i was going to DIE! and then i had to drive over a flooded road cause the SUV in front of me went through it and the SUVs behind me were waiting for me to go and i thought my car was going to float into the river and i was going to DIE! and then the sky started turning bright blue and ihave never seen anything like that and i thought i was going to DIE!
dramatic, perhaps.
but death is dramatic.

21st March 2005

2:30am: SB2K5
It's been one of the most uneventful breaks, but overall, not too bad.
lots of shopping, eating out, BBQ, and music. I got peed on by kirby, did some HW and a couple parties, went to Mt Bonnell and saw the giant ugly building they're constucting on top of it, and played some good games of uno attack.
It was the quiet before the storm.

Time to put on my raincoat.

PS My 30 year old ex-mormon brother who promised he would never get married just got engaged to a 21 year old. And he hasn't even called to tell me yet.
Current Mood: content

17th March 2005

3:27am: aye aye sucka sucka
I forgot how much i like Fishboy. All his songs bring back great memories and are so fun. Now if only he'd come to NY.
I listed my condo on craigslist tonight and i've already got 2 responses. Maybe we will be able to make a little money off of it after all. It's so wierd selling the place i've lived for the last four years. It's getting so close. In 2 months, i'll be in NYC. Well, I'll be on my way back from NY to graduate and pack and move. But then i'll be back in NY again.
I found a 24hr starbucks near my house and i have a feeling i'll be there a lot. If anyone has a t-mobile account and wants to give me their log-in info, i'll take it.
I went home and shopped till i dropped with my mom and got 4 pairs of shoes, 4 shirts, a swimsuit, and two black V-neck sweater-like shirts. Add that to my 3 shirts, 2 pairs of jeans and skirt/pant suit from savers, and i think my teacher clothing choices just quadrupled.
I can almost send you to the office without laughing now, too.

go to the principles office. now.
Current Mood: bouncy

8th March 2005

1:51am: BFF
Carolyn brought me a Twix and helped me procrastinate. I loved it.
Also, i love the ipod shuffle. It's tiny and adorable and so light i forget its in my pocket. now I just need to figure out that whole volume thing....
I miss drumline and percussion ensembles. My favorites were stinkin' garbage and the one i did with Greta in 7th grade where we snapped and stomped and whistled and shit.
I secretly hope the school i work at needs a drumline instructor so bad that they let me do it. Or maybe they'll have an instructor but he'll have no clue how to play bass drum so i'll have to be the bass tech.
yeah right.
The weather was so lovely today that i decided to study outside by the pool. There was a big sign on the pool gate that said "POOL CLOSED until further notice by the City of Austin Department of Health". Hmmmm....
Let's hope they fix that soon. I think it might take away a bit from the beautiful atmosphere of the pool area when we try and sell the condo.
Current Mood: awake

2nd March 2005

1:19am: Brian's mom
This one time, at band camp, i got a giant box. no really. it was GIANT. I have pictures of Kristy Bo inside it. They brought it out and the RA covered the name so we couldn't see whose it was and we had to sit through the whole meeting until Finally she passed out the mail and then she waited till the end to tell use who the giant box went to and then it was ME and i saw it was from Brian and i knew it would be empty and it was but it was still AMAZING and it had a letter from brian and sethory in it. I remember Seth's letter was many pages long with a sentence or two on each page. the second to last one said "this box will self-destruct in 30seconds". The last page was torn in half and said "BOOM!". ha.
I later heard the story of how Brian's G-ma took him to the post office and paid for the surely pricey delivery. Then his mom heard about it and made him pay his grandma back. Then later when his mom wasn't looking, she slipped the money back to him. ha.
Then there was the time in HS when my parents were in NB and brian spent the night. The next day his mom told him that the night before she was worried about him but didn't want to call and wake anybody up, so she drove all the way to my house, saw his car, and went back home. ha.
oh, Brian's mom.

ps you should really go to http://www.brianharkin.com and http://www.missouri.edu/~behgx6/laconic/

24th February 2005

1:40am: 3, 2, 1 (take off)
In a mere three months, the 22 year long chapter of my life in Texas will be over. and it's about time. Looks like i'm off to teach math in new york city. how random.
Whenever anybody asks why i decided to teach math, i will tell them i have two reasons.
I can't wait to look for an apartment with mr. KT Taylor. amazing.
The price however, will add up.
$4000 for tuition
$175 for tests
$165 to be fingerprinted
hundreds for books
who knows for rent/bills/food
2 plane tickets (one of them being a ONE-WAY!!)

Hopefully i can sell my car for 20k-ish. hopefully. That will give me plenty for the summer until i start getting pay checks.


Current Mood: shocked

20th February 2005

2:25am: fun with stefamafia
Now i've had some bad service at restaurants before, but this one wins by far. It was so bad that it crossed the line into hilarious.
let's recap:
First, she takes our drink orders. and by takes "our" drink orders, i mean stefanie says "I'll have a coffee", and the waitress immediately leaves and brings back two cups of coffee. I go with it and don't say anything.
While drinking my coffee, i get something white and gross in my mouth. twice. after close examination of the mystery substance we figure, maybe it's just bits of paper from the straw wrapper or sugar packet. I brave it out and continue drinking.
She takes our food orders, this time actually waiting for me to order before walking off (I was afraid she might just leave and bring back two chicken-fried steak dinners). I ask for a brownie with no whip cream or nuts.
A while passes, she brings out stef's chicken-fried steak. no dessert. I wait for a while thinking maybe it's on it's way. it's not. so i have a conversation with the waitress that goes something like this:

"is my dessert coming?"
"...did I take your order?"
"did i take the order for that?? (points at chicken-fried steak)"
"I don't remember you two. I remember things from 8 years ago, but i don't remember taking your order.    (points at chicken-fried steak again) What is that?"
 "chicken fried steak."
"oh. well what did you want?"
 "a brownie. no whip cream or nuts."
 "no whip cream or nuts. got it."

At this point, she sets down an ice tea on the table. me and stefanie look at each other confusingly and at the tea and stef says "I hope we don't have to pay for all of this..." 
Out comes the brownie. with whip cream and nuts.
i'm glad i'm not allergic.
to top it all off, we find some weird dough tasting chunk of something or other in the brownie.
then there was the hacker and seth and charts and 5 minutes.

stefers, tele.

11th February 2005

1:46am: It's February
my pumpkin finally rotted and turned to mush. I knew it would eventually, but I also knew i would leave it sitting on the dining room table right up until i had to scrape it off.
Every year for christmas we would get oranges in our stockings. Apparently i use to not like oranges, or i felt jipped that i got fruit instead of toys. so two or three years in a row i put the orange in the empty bottom drawer of my dresser (or chester drawers as i thought it was called until all too recently). I left them there until i moved to austin. They were black. One had melted to the drawer and left a big lump of what i'm guessing is mold.
now i like oranges.

I've been working on a soundtrack for my life and i love it. They're songs that remind me of people/places/times. in sequential order starting with seth and going right up until today. Some of my faves include:
shady lane (pavement)
for once in my life (stevie wonder)
99 luftballoons (nena)
Who sucked out the feeling (superdrag)
Stay (lisa loeb)
It's true that we love one another (white stripes)
1000 miles (vanessa carlton)

here are the memories they go with, in condensed form:
lying, helping, FUN, singing, flying, dancing, walking

What songs would be on yours?

9th February 2005

6:51pm: What was supposed to be game night is quickly turning into lame night.
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